Erratum for Stewart (2009)

25 Mar 2020 - Neil

The first equation on p. 1051 of Stewart (2009) should read


instead of


The second equation on p. 1051 should read

$\sum_{i=0}^{T-1}\frac{(T+i-1)!}{i!(T-1)!} ~ p_A^T p_b^i$

instead of

$\sum_{i=0}^{T-1}\frac{(T-i-1)!}{i!(T-1)!} ~ p_A^T p_b^i$

Stewart, N. (2009). Decision by sampling: The role of the decision environment in risky choice. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62, 1041–1062. doi: 10.1080/17470210902747112